I'm Björn.

I make ads.


In Short

4818,17 miles from where I started.

I’m a creative with an engineering background and a problem-solving mindset. I want to make great advertising. Through experiments, inventions and taking risks. By breaking rules, making mistakes, having fun, and always, through hard work.

Non work hours, I like to spend time with my family, watch football and football, ride boards, wander trails, drink beer and travel. You know, the typical PNW things. Want to read more about me? Click the blue button. MORE INFO ABOUT ME


RED BULL – Study Buddy Chatbot

Together with Red Bull, we set out to help students around the United States nail their exams, in a slightly different way. We couldn’t take the tests for them, so we decided to give them the next best thing.

By launching Red Bull Study Buddy, a “motivational speaker bot” that lives inside Facebook Messenger we might just have saved their entire school year ;)

Students just connect with the bot to get instant motivation, inspiration and maybe even some wings.


NIKE – Get Out Here Challenge

In large parts of north america, winter months are tough on people who love outdoor training.

To inspire people to get past the weather, we created the Get Out Here Challenge, a challenge that took outdoor training to the next level and rewarded selected social media contestants with a trip to Chicago and the opportunity to take part in a unique training experience.


OSCAR MAYER – Wiener Rover

The Wienermobile. For decades it’s traveled the land, bringing smiles to people’s faces. Yet there are some places it just can’t go. Now, thanks to the Wiener Rover, we can reach hot dog lovers in almost any location.

The Rover’s mission is simple: To Go Where No Wiener(Mobile) Has Gone Before.


OREO – An Ode to the Forgotten Finger

OREO just launched the new OREO Thins, a more sophisticated, thin, adult version of their beloved cookie. To celebrate this new cookie, we made a film about fingers, since they are the part of our body that handle cookies most frequently.

And with the new OREO’s, one sophisticated finger in particular makes a glorious ascent from its forgotten place in the world.


PEPSI – The Sound Of Football

Together with Society46 and Tracab we created a technology that enables you to “see” with sound. Something that lets the visually impaired experience the world in an entirely new way.


KAHLÚA – The Pocket Karoler

For decades, caroling has remained the same. No one thought to bring it into the 21st century… until now. This holiday season, we’re upgrading caroling with the Kahlúa Pocket Karoler.

It’s got a range of holiday carols that anyone can shake – and sing – along to. So, shake up the door-to-door tradition and get ready to carol your friends all season long.


AUDI – Night Vision

Audi Night Vision Assist is a thermal imaging camera placed in the front of the car. It can detect humans in poor light conditions. We decided to show how this works – in an interactive ad.


ATG – A Love Story

A launch campaign (TVC & Digital) about prevailing friendship with our client ATG (Swedish Horse racing) and their weekly game V75. The film can be seen as a metaphor for horse racing culture with dedicated supporters who loyally follow their interest through friendship, disappointment and happiness.



Other fun stuff I have worked on. Old and new.